Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pajama pants copied from RTW

I finally did it! I made something that fits exceptionally well, are super comfy and that I love! I copied my favortie pajama bottoms and made a pattern. The RTW pajama pants are made out of 2-way stretch cotton knit and my choice was to make them out of this comfy cotton knit that has a 4-way stretch. Have I told you that I love animal prints?

I tried various combinations of seams before sewing this fabric. My Singer Stylist has a stretch stitch that looks like this: lll. It works exceptionally well for this 4 way stretch fabric. At first my thread kept breaking but after changing the top and bobbin thread to Metrosene Plus, it worked like a dream. All seams were sewn with this stitch including the hems and waist area. I used 1/4" elastic for the waist which was also copied from the RTW pair. Just as a reminder, you have to make thin elastic about 1/3 smaller than the usual 1" waistband elastic.

When copying the pajama bottoms I was lucky that the fabric had a stripe running lengthwise. It made it easy when marking the straight of grain. I still had to true up the pattern but it was fairly easy after sewing the initial pair.

The difference in front and back crotch curve
Evidently when I traced the back waist area, I over stretched it. 
The finished pajama pants! A TNT pattern that I can use over and over.

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