Friday, November 1, 2013

SWAP 2014 - Simplicity 1945

I love the cardigan and tops in this pattern.. I don't care for the wide legged pants but I could substitute another pattern for them.

This pattern would take care of a few of the 3-paks and I already own the pattern. It has good reviews on pattern review. My favorite cardigans are shaped like this. One of the sewists on PR said it has just enough fabric and isn't overwhelming. I really like waterfall cardigans but they can be overwhelming given enough volume. What I do not need is more volume! :)

Pants Patterns

I'm doing Simplicity's Amazing Fit  pattern right now but I'm unsure that I'll like the width of the legs. I do like Style Arc's Kerry Cargo Pants:

Or her Yoga Pants:

I really like those. They are shapely without being overwhelming. I like a little flare at the bottom. I would still be wearing bell bottoms if I could get away with it. Some of my jeans are mighty close! :) I hate to think what my size would be given my waist and hip measurement. Her freeby this month is the Lola pant:

I have cargo/capri's that I wear in the summer that are shaped like this. They are very comfortable.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

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