Sunday, September 15, 2013

Been a While

Another of my hobbies is photography. This is my grandson who can play any position in the infield. Good player!
I've kept up with my favorite blogs and with Stitcher's Guild. That's another sad situation but I'll reflect on it later.

I've fulfilled my curiosity about my ancestors. Yes, we had royalty in our lineage - my 17th great-grandfather was the King of England. The whole story of how we lost our standing and inheritance is very interesting. You wouldn't know to be honest that we were royal anything! I've always been interested in the UK and now I understand why. It doesn't matter much now except that I can hold my head high in some areas that I didn't feel I could before. It's been fun to explain to my kids that, "No, we aren't Indian. We're English and actually have royalty in our background."

I've been involved in another hobby - photography.
My new little grandson Stevie born in April

My granddaughter Blair with my new puppy Dawson.
Blair at her volleyball game, doing very well!

Bye for now!