Saturday, December 21, 2013

Simplicity Amazing Fit 2860

I've used Sarah Veblen's book and Pants for Real People to get an idea on fitting. I've read various blogs and there's nothing to do now except for layout the pattern and cut the fabric!

I'm scared! I hate cutting into fabric!

I want to develop a pants TNT. Perhaps a few. I've resigned myself to the idea I'll have to do numerous muslins. It seems like such a waste to me but I can't figure out a way around it. I know I'll have fitting issues!

I've measured my body in places I've never considered  before! LOL Waist, high hip, hip, crotch depth, crotch length, thigh and knee. Whew! I've measured the pattern pieces to determine where to cut. I've shortened the length.

I prefer a contour waist and this pattern has it. It also has larger legs than what appears on the front. The fabric I'm using as a muslin would have been nice fabric but the folds do not come out in the wash. The fold is permanently set. I hope it will work as a fitting muslin and that I won't be confused by the folds and ripples in the fabric! :)

The pattern also has a fly front that I want to master. It happens to be the first thing to do! I think I'll take pictures of that to have for reference later.

Edited to add: There's not as much of that fabric as I thought! Looks like I'll have to use linen.

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