Monday, March 12, 2012

My New Obsession - Featherweights!

A white/green/turquoise Featherweight
While I was researching a new machine on Pattern Review I came across a post entitled "Calling All Singer Owners" and started reading all 113 (as of this writing) pages. What originally started out as a post encouraging the purchase of new or slightly used Singers has turned into a thread about vintage machines.

As I was trying to date/model the machine I learned to sew on (a 15-30) I came across the Featherweights. Wow, how cute! As I want to do some quilting, I was instantly drawn to them because of the reputation of the stitch on older machines. This post is going to be a reminder of things I've learned about them. You can expect information and links as time passes such as the price to pay, the attachments included with the original purchase and restoring links. I'll post what I've learned but please keep in mind that I'm not an expert and have only recently discovered the little beauties!

The White Featherweight

This Featherweight was manufactured in Scotland and some were exported to Canada for voltage conversions to 112 volt. When looking to purchase for use in the US it's important to check the wiring on them. I don't want to use a voltage converter.

The correct color was described as turquoise by Singer but it appears white with a very pale green tint. The green isn't usually noticeable until you hold a piece of white paper against it.

The Featherweights don't have decals which made other vintage Singers so beautiful. What is most interesting in this machine is it's size, portability and quality of stitch.

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