Sunday, October 27, 2013

Introducing my new apple body shape!

I've graduated from a rectangle to an apple body shape. I hope it's temporary but in the meantime, I have to learn how to dress it. I hope to shorten my learning curve while sewing if I do a little research now. What will look good on me now that I'm rounder in the middle? How I wish for the 8 shape I once was! Those days are long over and the sooner I accept it, the better.

I have a few basic ideas. I've always liked dressing in threes: bottom, underlayer and overlayer. Now I feel it's essential for not only my body type but also for the season we're coming into. It'll soon be winter in this hemisphere. I want to be warm but also to cover this tummy! No, I am not pregnant. Just temporarily rounder in the belly than I should be!

It's essential that I sew a few clothes as I have few that fit me. I need casual clothes to run errands in, clothes to wear to church and clothes to lounge in. Sounds like three different wardrobes. Maybe I can combine the two, skirts for church and pants for errands with the same top layers for both. Sounds like the beginning of a plan.


V8777 offers an up to date version of a vest that I could see myself wearing. That's one overlayer!

I would lengthen this vest to hit me at the bottom of my stomach. I suspect it might be an inch or so too short which means it would accent my round shape. I especially like the embellished dark grey version.

Overlayer #2 that I'm considering is this waterfall cardi by Vogue. It resembles my favorite cardi that I wear every day around the house.

I wear it fastened with a scarf pin and not belted. Belted wouldn't be a good look for me.

While V8804 is not particularly suited for an apple shape, I think it could be made to work. I've worn a Chanel type jacket before with "okay" results and besides, I just want to make my own.

I'm not sure about those pockets but I figure I can always take them off if they don't work!


For a basic blouse, I don't think I can beat V8747. I have a blouse similiar that I actually wear but I wear more knit tops than I do actual blouses. I think however, this one will look fantastic with the vest above.

I own a few Style Arc patterns:

The Ann T Top and:

The Adele Top.

As I look back over these, most would require careful fitting for an apple shape. I'll let you know how that goes!

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