Monday, October 21, 2013

New patterns, slopers or TNT"s?

I was surfing tonight and came across posts on Fashion Incubator about sleeves and ended up on A Fashionable Stitch regarding pattern fitting.

It's so easy to forget with all the choices sewing offers! I was feeling overwhelmed about the patterns, fabrics, style and colors. Prints or plaids? Geometrics or paisleys? Knit or woven? Natural or synthetic fibers? Big 3 or Indie pattern makers? Work from slopers or patterns? Do I have the right sewing machine? The right notions for making good buttonholes? The zipper insertion foot? Will I even be able to make buttonholes?


Then I was reading A Fashionable Stitch tonight and something clicked. She suggested we work from patterns. She doesn't use the term "TNT" but her explanation sure fits.

Develop a basic range of styles that fit you and use them over and over again.” 
In all honesty, her series of articles goes into much more detail but it's enough to motivate me. My body has changed in the last few months and it's not easy to fit clothes as it was even last year. I've developed a real apple shape this past six months.

She also links to a tip on Pattern Review by ryansmumaria. She says to measure the back shoulder area and she's right that I've hardly seen it addressed in fitting books.

Food for thought as I once again consider sewing for myself.

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