Thursday, October 31, 2013

Next: Fitting Simplicity 2860 Amazing Fit Pants Pattern

This pattern only received one negative review on Pattern Review. Some others were surprised at the width of the legs. They are wider than they appear on the pattern front according to the pictures I saw of the reviews. I bought this pattern because the legs weren't so wide. I can see I'll have to cut down a size or two in the legs to get the shape I like.
They do not appear wide legged, do they? Misleading.

This pattern has you measure your waist, hips, crotch length and back crotch length. The pattern back has slim, average and curvy back pieces. It's no surprise that I need the curvy. I almost have a shelf butt and I'll have to do a sway back adjustment. Good thing I have Pants for Real People as a fitting aid! I do hear this pattern has wonderful fitting directions though.

I had an idea of the size I would need but I am shocked. Intellectually I know sewing patterns are sized differently than RTW but still. Six months ago I wore clothes in the single digits. Not any longer. It's enough to make me want to diet however, I don't want to wait to have well fitting clothes. After all, being in the single digits again may not happen.

Stay tuned...

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