Monday, November 25, 2013

Sewing and Fitting Pants for TNT Part 1

I said in my last post that I would begin with Simplicity 2860 Amazing Fit pants pattern but after looking at it and comparing it to my favorite RTW, I decided not to. The legs on this pattern are so big that it more closely resembles palazzo pants. The picture on the front is misleading. I couldn't believe how big the legs are. I don't want to cut the legs down and fight with fitting a pattern!

I looked at all my pants patterns and compared the legs to the size I prefer. I've decided on Vogue 1294 by Anne Klein. I like the curves and shape better. I have ironed the tissue. I don't feel the need to walk the pattern since it has been made by Chesneycat at Her blog post helped me to decide on this pattern. It has the leg shape I want and I get the impression it's pretty easy. I would also like to make the blouse eventually but I don't have a suitable fabric at the moment.

I've walked my favorite pair of RTW pants on two patterns now and I come up with a size 16 and even that is a little big. I'm still going to sew a size 18 to make sure.

My muslin fabric is a synthetic sueded stone colored fabric with a little lycra. I've prewashed it twice and the fold creases do not come out. Hopefully I can work around them and not be confused when fitting.

Another thing I want to point you to is the inside of these pants by They are beautiful and I want to finish my pants like that. I wonder what she uses? I'll revise this post when I find a few links.

That's all for tonight folks! I cut the pieces to the pattern, organized it and put the iron to it.

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