Sunday, November 3, 2013

So Excited! I've found favorite silhouettes and ordered patterns! Or dressing for my life and body now.

This might be a long post. I'll understand if you'd like to skip it but I am very excited. I've joined Club BMV and have ordered a few patterns from Vogue and McCall's. I've often wished I was a member when I've received the email's describing savings on patterns. Well, wish no longer because I'll be able to take advantage of those sales!

It seems my preferences have changed in the last few months. I now prefer elastic waists. I use to absolutely live in jeans but now I want soft knits against my skin. I want a waistband that will shrink when I do or expand a little bit over the holidays. I like ankle length skirts, pants that are neither too wide or too skinny. I like waterfall sweaters along with other cardigans and a vest would be good with T-shirts.

I've also come to realize that I can't wear heels any more. I'm talking even the low heels. I'm going to look for flats that are stylish but comfortable. Good luck with that, huh?

My life style is casual and the clothes I prefer are almost pajama style! I change into jeans when I go out but as soon as I'm home, I put my very comfortable knit lounge pants back on and let out a contented, "ahhhhh" in the process!

So, I need to dress for the lifestyle and body I have now. I want to be comfortable but put together and stylish, ya know?

I thought I would embellish the simple shapes in a few pieces anyway starting with a tank top. A la Alabama Chanin. That'll be a good project for these long winter days, don't you think? I might try embroidery on other pieces. I'll make them mine in some way. Stay tuned for those thoughts!

The Patterns

I bought these three vintage patterns off eBay:

These patterns represent how I prefer to dress when I can find the silhouettes. I'll now have them and they are timeless enough to last for a long time.

I also bought a few from Vogue and McCalls that I've always wanted:

I  plan to sew these to wear for my Grandkid's games. 

I bought this in two sizes because I love the dress. Maybe a granddaughter will want one.

Another view of the game top and jacket.

another view in case you missed it. 

I love the sleeves on this dress. Nice to wear to church.

and my vest that I will wear as a third piece.
When you add Simplicity 1945, I have the silhouettes I prefer.
There is still one more look that I want.

I now have the skirt pattern. I want a top that is very loose for fat days! :)

Thanks. Now I can use this post to do a little planning. Have a great day!

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