Friday, August 10, 2012

Looking for an Overlayer or Jacket Pattern

I love the Style Arc Abbey pattern but it's so distinctive that I can't use it as my only overlayer. I've looked at all the big four, Style Arc, Cutting Line Designs, Silhouettes, Hot Patterns and others I can't remember. I'm not having any luck.

I'm not in need of a professional capsule any longer. What am I talking about? As a nurse I spent most of my time in scrubs but there was a need at times to look professional. That's no longer the case and I'm still redefining my style.

I've thought of a Chanel type jacket but I'm not up to that much detail at the moment. I love the look of some of the more artful jackets on others but I'm not there yet. I had a tendency to be a bit of a rebel or activist when I was younger and still admire the whole style that goes with that attitude. At that time you wouldn't have known it by looking at me - I was conservative in dress. I dare say I've mellowed since in attitude but now want to crank my style up a notch.

I keep coming back to this jacket for autumn or early winter:

Vogue 8430

I like the black one, complete with the design details. Unfortunately, the top of it comes over just a little too far for my taste. I wouldn't wear it open because my shoulders are wide in comparison to the rest of my body and I don't need to call more attention to them.

I like this one from The Sewing Workshop but am unsure of the fit and construction. Couldn't I work that out with a muslin?

Tribeca Shirt from The Sewing Workshop
The ones I've seen reviewed on Pattern Review doesn't really look like this. I may try it anyway after I do a little more research. I like the coverage in the hip area and it is casual with a little style thrown in for good measure. I'm thinking a wool blend.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

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