Saturday, August 11, 2012

Received Fabric Mart Fabrics

Edited: I had a gentle reminder (on Communing with Fabric) that what you post is here...forever. Perhaps I'll do a little cleaning up on other areas of this site also. 

I'm at a loss. It's difficult to order fabrics online without that tactile sensation that I love! As much as I hate how RTW fits, I do like the fabrics they have access to. I like silky knits, baby soft cottons and drapey linens for lack of a better word.

It's so difficult to choose fabrics for patterns. Out of five fabrics that I received, I can see a purpose for one of them. I wouldn't say that I dislike the others, I just haven't found a garment for them yet.

Most of the fabric I've bought since returning to sewing is turning into stash. My first pieces were of a camel crepe, a stone colored something, a coral linen/rayon blend with the same fabric in off white, and now I've received these.

One is a tone on tone blue that I'm just not ready to tackle yet. I would have to match the stripes which would be okay if this were not a slinky type fabric. Can't imagine that yet! The fabric pictured is a knit that doesn't stretch? Okay, maybe 5-10% stretch if that.

Two other pieces are in a pique knit. I know what that is now and again, it has very little stretch and also attracts lint like the devil.

I think I'm going to ramp up my buying by asking for advice from some of the better sources. Less purchases and better quality may be the answer.

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