Friday, August 17, 2012

Still Looking for Jacket or Overlayer Pattern

As I stated before, I need one more overlayer pattern. It's not easy to coordinate different patterns to work together when you consider length, proportion and style. I've had difficulty finding wardrobe patterns because I might like one piece but not the others. I've also found far fewer wardrobe patterns than in past years - what's up with that? :)

I'm considering K3841 from Kwik Sew:
K3841 from Kwik Sew

It appears it would be versatile and I like the idea that one jacket pattern could give so many different looks. I admire those who can take one pattern and change the look of it so it's not cookie cutter but I'm not there yet. I could make this in a sweater knit, fleece, wool or linen and each would give different looks, especially when combined with different neckline treatments.

Another factor to consider is that I'm planning on being more health conscious which includes losing weight. The recent patterns I've bought from Style Arc will be a problem because they aren't multi-sized. I want to purchase patterns that will see me through different sizes - I've gone up and down the scales my entire life, what would make me think my older years would be any different?

I'm sewing a SWAP and planning on minimizing my wardrobe. I need clothes for church as well as around the house and more dressy, shopping, appointment, outside the house clothes. My "around the house" clothes also includes the need for more versatile "sick-in-and-out-of-bed" clothes. At times I have difficulty walking because of a lack of strength and spend a good amount of time lying down. I don't want to look rumpled during those times.

I'm going to concentrate on black pencil skirts with tights and flats as my dressier, go to church pieces, easy-to-care for fabric for my Linda pants from Style Arc then various knit tops to layer with. The Abby cardi will be one of my overlayers then this jacket would be another overlayer.

What do you think of my plan? I'll be buying fabric at the beginning of the month and could use suggestions. Buying fabric on the net is difficult I've found and my stash is growing because fabric I've bought isn't suitable after all for what I've planned.


manlygirl said...

I made the white jacket. I am not sure about it. It sits back on the shoulders, so I will have to be careful not to pull it up too far when I wear it because it will be up at the back otherwise. If you have big arms at the top, it may not fit. I am not overweight, but it just fits my arms. I would prefer a bit looser.
The collar won't sit like the picture unless it keeps getting rearranged by wearing it. I am going to put 3 smaller buttons on it because I am only doing automatic button holes. When I did some samples with larger button holes, the material frayed too much and I think smaller button holes would work better with the fabric.

manlygirl said...

I made the cream jacket. I am not so sure about it, but I will bear with it. The collar needs undersewing which isn't in the pattern. The collar sits back on the shoulders, so I have to be careful not to pull it up too far thus making the back too short. The arms are a bit tight at the top. I am not over weight, just in the right range for my height, but I think the sleeves could have been a little wider up top. I am going to put 3 smaller buttons on it as the material will fray too much with the larger button hole. I will persevere with it though. I only made it from remnants, some old curtain material actually. I hoped the collar would drape nicely with that. It won't stay put like in the picture. It will need arranging to stay there. Hope this is useful for you.