Saturday, May 5, 2012

Button, button! Who's got the button?

I went on quite a shopping spree the last few days. I'm determined to have what I need here to sew and my bank account could testify to that fact!

I bought vintage buttons off eBay - pounds of them to be exact! I'll have over 5 pounds when they arrive. Then I made the mistake of going to Sawyer Brooks. What lovely fabric they have! Wish I would have paid them a visit before I went shopping because even through the monitor, the quality of their fabrics is evident. Take a trip to their website and while you're there - read the "Finding Closures" blog.

And Buttons? I'm crazy for them. I recently read that closures can make or break a garment. I think it was in Nancy Nix Rice's newsletter that I read the suggestion of vintage buttons on eBay but my, oh my! Those Sawyer Brooks buttons are beautiful.

Strange that I can admire something so trivial, isn't it? Still, they are beautiful. And look at these shawl pins:

Spirale Metal Kilt Style Shawl Pin


Dixie said...

Hi Cathy! I just found your blog via Stitcher's Guild. I just happen to work at Sawyer Brook, I just happen to have taken the photos you've posted here, and I just happen to write the Finding Closure blog! I'm looking forward to getting to know you better via the summer 6pac thread on SG!
P.S. Yes, we carry very high-quality fabrics at Sawyer Brook. You should try us out!

Cathy said...

Hi Dixie! So nice to meet the person writing the Finding Closures blog! Your blog is inspiring and how you choose the buttons for each of those fabrics is amazing! I had read how important closures were but until I saw it on your blog, I just didn't get it!
BTW - thanks for letting me use your pictures. I will take them down if you prefer but you can see that I speak glowingly of you and your employer! Welcome!