Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I love my Viking Platinum Plus - it just purrs!

Now I understand what people mean when they talk about their sewing machines "purring". I love my Viking Platinum Plus! I was making headbands for my granddaughters today and it runs so smooth and quiet.

I've sewn on Singer's all my life and presently have a few vintage machines and also a Stylist 7258. I like the Singer, don't get me wrong but I can tell when I sew on my Viking that it's a good machine. It's substantial and the stitches are beautiful.

I've received the linen/rayon blend that I ordered off eBay. The coral I am very happy with but I was expecting a lighter white but instead, I received an almost natural color linen. Still very nice, mind you but it's a little different from the picture. Isn't that to be expected?

I'm waiting until I get all I've ordered before I prepare it or cut into it, then into the washer it will go. I've read that if you wash it a few times, the wrinkles will be less after sewing it into a garment. I'll let you know how that goes. I'm also hoping to soften it a bit - it has a nice drape now but there is a skirt I want to sew it out of and I'm reluctant right now.

Isn't this the cutest skirt? I'm inspired by it and have considered making something similar out of the creamy white/natural linen with wood buttons going down the front. I'd make a coral jacket also with the wood buttons and a shell out of the print. Might work, huh?

By the way, the picture is from the Collette website and is their Beignet pattern. If I hadn't already chosen patterns, I would buy this one but hey! - it's on my list!

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