Friday, May 4, 2012

More Prep for Sewing or ~ I Went Shopping!

Funny how expensive sewing is especially when you have to purchase notions, thread, attachments and machines.

Okay, I guess I didn't have to buy so many machines. I'll give ya that!

I just changed my plan for the Summer 6pac 2012 at Stitcher's Guild. Disregard the last post regarding the fabric - I decided not to go with those colors. What is consistent besides change?

I've bought Metrosene thread in a variety of colors, buttons - and have more that I'm bidding on, zippers at ZipperStop, vintage sewing scissors and a walking foot so I can finish my quilt.

I also bought fabric:

You won't find this pattern at Hot Patterns - it's from the free projects at
In addition, I've also bought white jersey knit for a top. The printed fabrics are knit also and I plan to make a shrug or two from a free pattern by Hot Patterns on The beige fabric is a knit chiffon. The cocoa brown fabric is made out of poly/cotton, the coral and white solids are linen/rayon. I bought 3 yards of each fabric and now I'm trying to figure out what pattern I want to use. I am making capri's and skirts for the bottoms but since I've changed my fabric, I have to change the style of skirt. It will be straight and just above the knee.

The plan is to make shrugs and tops out of the print fabric, inner columns out of the solids and capri's and skirt out of the brown. I'm trying to follow Nancy Nix Rice's wardrobe plan in addition to sewing for the 6pac. All plans are subject to change, however! 

This is quite a change for me because I usually wear black and beige or taupe. My family has told me that I need some color and I guess I've got it now, don't I?

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