Saturday, May 5, 2012

Links to Ruffle Skirt Tutorials

I found the cutest things for my grand daughters and they will love them! I didn't want to lose the links - so here they are! The first ones I make is going to be out of repurposed t-shirt fabric and elastic I have on hand. The next will be out of the ruffle fabric - love it!

Ruffle fabric white ruffle fabric

Ombre Ruffle Fabric from Vogue Fabrics

 Ruffle Skirt Tutorials

Knit ruffle skirt tutorial with many tips - adult sized but good info for kids.

Crafterhours tutorials - many skirts for kids.

Scrap fabric layered ruffle skirt tutorial - well, you get the idea!

Kids ladylike skirt tutorial

I'll be posting pics as soon as they visit and I can get their measurements!

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