Sunday, June 17, 2012

Attempting to Copy Styles from The Vivienne Files

I've been watching the Vivienne Files since I started wardrobe planning. For those of us who find it difficult to coordinate outfits, her blog is invaluable. One of her vignettes was especially helpful when I decided to change wardrobe colors. She not only puts together outfits but offers tips on wardrobe planning and gives visuals showing accessories for the clothes she chooses.

From the Vivienne Files - used with permission

I loved this color combination! Somehow when I saw it, it just resonated with me. I want to put together a church wardrobe and do it on a fairly inexpensive budget. Then I saw other combinations with the same skirt and now I can picture how with different tops and accessories, I can have totally different looks. It finally hit me even though I've researched wardrobe capsules until I'm literally exhausted!

Then I also saw the same skirt she had grouped with other colors and I like them just as well. With a small investment of tops and accessories, I can totally change my look from week to week.

From the Vivienne Files - used with permission
I'm going to use this pattern from Pamela's Patterns for the Magic Pencil Skirt. It fulfills all my requirements and I would be able to sew it in a much more quality fabric than buying RTW. The skirt is very simple in design and goes together fast enough that I would be able to finish without me worrying about a health crash.

Pamela's Magic Pencil Skirt Pattern

This is the shade of brown I want:

From the Vivienne Files - used with permission

I already have a rust colored suede jacket that I love and with a new scarf or coordinating jewelry, it would look fabulous, I think!

Look what I bought just before I come across her navy skirt and decided to change my colors:

Not as much money as you might think - each bought on eBay for around $5 The jewelry was $10 and total $70
There are very few based on blue or brown here except for the animal print ones. Regardless, I'll have a wardrobe of scarves to get me started. Since I have a lot of black in my closet presently, they will help to make the transition to other colors but not necessarily navy and brown.

I've been looking for fabric for the Magic Pencil Skirt. It's not easy finding navy blue fabric. The closest I came to was at Gorgeous Fabrics. I noticed that she lists the pantone color which is very helpful when choosing colors on the internet. She also tells you the weight of the fabric, which pattern it might be good for and offers suggestions for coordinating fabrics. But what can you expect - have you seen her blog?

As a side note on finding fabric - I've decided to buy only quality fabrics from Sawyer Brook, Gorgeous Fabrics, Emma One Sock, and of course others I find that have been recommended on my favorite forum - Stitchers Guild.

Their reputations is that they each go beyond the norm for customer service. Their online stores reinforce that fact when you shop there - they have not only the content listed but helpful little hints such as the weight and care of the fabric. Most offer additional services also such as button selection from Sawyer Brook's Distinctive Buttons. Love those buttons! While you're there, check out the Finding Closure blog.


Dixie said...

Cathy, glad to hear you're figuring out how to transition your wardrobe colors. It looks like you're well on your way.

Thanks for the mention of Sawyer Brook and my button blog!

Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog today. I am trying to do nearly everything you are - learning from Vivienne, adding more navy which has been hard to find, sewing, using more basics with different tops and accessories for church, worked capsules to death in the past (in my head anyway). Anyway, you really resonated with me.

Pam Wigmore said...

Just found your site and am so excited. With my husband we run a summer B&B in NZ. In winter when we don't travel I love to spend time in my sewing room creating stuff. I love your ideas which you share so well. YOUR SITE IS AMAZING & I am going to share it with my twin sister who lives in Santa Monica who will also love it. THANK YOU for your ideas and Blog.