Friday, June 29, 2012

My First Quilt - The Binding

This is a picture of the quilt pinned and wrinkled after first pressing. Repeat with same result.
I decided I wanted a ruffled edge to this quilt but only after the top was quilted. Well! That's not an easy task! I've thought of sewing a ruffle seamed in the binding but I'm not sure how that would wear. If I do that, should the binding be on the cross grain or bias? The ruffle as well? I would like to think I will do both on the bias but for this quilt, I'm looking for a fast solution.

I read that bindings should be bias for a well used quilt which I suspect this one will be. Something about it wearing longer than cross grain. Okay...

These links are sites I used to try to figure this out:

How to Make Continuous Bias Binding Tape from Modern Quilt Love
Continuous Bias Binding Strips from
Pretty Bird Ruffled Edge Blanket 
Gathering and Ruffles Made Easy
Spice up Your Baby Quilt with Ruffled Bias Binding
Continuous Bias Tape - a good description, tutorial and explanation of bias tape with mathematical formulas.
Bias Tape - How to make it attach it - making bias tape using the traditional method. Also how to make real mitered corners. Next time, I'm using this tutorial!

Edited to add: Is it possible to have strips that are on bias and others that aren't? I followed the link above from because it looked the simplest but now I'm not so sure. The tutorial from Modern Quilt Love has you numbering the lines you drew and in retrospect, I can see how this would be helpful. Once I had my lines drew and tried to match them to sew together, it was confusing because the lines were at right angles. Perhaps I sewed it together wrong, I'm not sure but as with anything, I suppose practice makes perfect!

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