Thursday, June 28, 2012

My First Quilt - Geez! LOL

Well, ya live and learn, that's all I have to say! Next time, I'm going to research fabric, loft and backing before I begin to sew. If I hadn't promised this to my grandaughter, I wouldn't finish it. It sure doesn't speak well for my sewing skills!

I decided to make a whole cloth quilt because I couldn't see cutting up perfectly good fabric only to sew it back together again! No - really, I guess I was too lazy and figured if I did that, she would get it by the time she graduated high school - and she isn't even two! I promised her this in April when she was released from the hospital and I'm sure she's forgotten about it but a promise is a promise!

I still want to sew a puff quilt but I'm just learning my Viking Platinum Plus that I bought a few months ago. I decided better to learn the machine on this than to try to learn cutting and piecing in addition to the machine. Wish I had batteries for my camera but you'll have to excuse me - you probably won't get pictures until it's finished.

Where did I go wrong? I didn't have starch and when I prewashed my fabric, it turned very soft. I've ironed it twice but it didn't help. It still wrinkled while I was trying to safety pin the layers together. After the second time pressing it, I decided there is nothing to do but put it together as is.

I also don't have a walking foot which makes basting the layers together a little difficult. All I can say is it feels very soft against the skin which I'm sure she'll enjoy.

The worst thing? I didn't check my stitch length before I began to sew. It's definitely not a basting stitch! Nor did I mark sewing lines so you can imagine what it looks like. I kinda eye balled it and my goodness! I'm laughing as I write this!

Somehow I'm going to make this pretty! Have any ideas? :)

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PTK Designs said...

Grandchildren do not care about perfect stitching, matched seams or coordinating fabric - they care about grandma making them their very own quilt. Don't worry about it being perfect. Do the best you can with what you have and how you feel. She will love it and it will make her happy.