Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My First Quilt - Solution to a Problem

Find my other posts on the quilt at My First Quilt - Prewashing and Ironing,  and My First Quilt - The Grain and Wrinkle Fiasco. I promised this to my granddaughter and I'm not going to disappoint her!

Doing my first quilt has turned into quite a learning experience. I bought a nice cotton print that has a fairly large repeat with the intention of cutting large blocks. After prewashing and ironing, I found it was printed off grain. I'm not sure how that would affect quilt blocks but knowing how important grainline is in apparel sewing, I didn't want to try it.

I then thought of doing a whole cloth quilt but that wouldn't solve the problem. If I quilted it at right angles, the print would be off.

While reading Pinterest, I found a pin for bubble quilts - that might be my solution and they are adorable! The print wouldn't show as well but I thought I could center the character's face on some of the squares and alternate them. I love Pinterest but hate when you find a how-to that you have to pay for so I did a little research! I found it is easiest to find tutorials if you search for "puff quilts". has a good tutorial at Learn how to make puff quilts and it forms a good basis but I'm very inexperienced. I've never cut pieces using the rotary cutter. The tutorial has links to instructions for rotary cutting and I'm sure it will be very helpful.

A few questions came up while I was reading. It doesn't mention how much stuffing to put in each puff but I would think it would be wise to put the same amount in each one. I thought I would cut the batting into squares just as I do the fabric to make sure each puff is equal.

You use two pieces of fabric for each puff but one is 1" smaller. You line up the corners and pleat the larger fabric with the pleats all going in the same direction.

Another issue is deciding what size square to use. I'm not into intricate work at the moment and I thought 5" would be a good size to start with. Sadly, my camera isn't working at the moment but I'll take pictures as soon as possible.

You can either do the puffs traditionally by hand or by machine. Guess which method I chose?


PTK Designs said...

Hi, Cathy!
I found your blog via Pattern Review. We have a lot in common. I have Fibromyalgia and had to give up my job. I love to sew and learned how on my grandmother's treadle (I inherited it!). I completely understand about days when you can't do anything but your mind needs something to work on. I am so glad I found your blog. I have a private and very neglected pain blog but I keep telling myself I need to start a public one.
Let's keep in touch! I really treasure my internet friends!

Cathy said...

Hi Patricia - what a life, huh? I had to give up my job also and miss it soooo much! I knew my career played a big part in my identity but really didn't have a clue just how much!

I am trying to rekindle a love of sewing that I had in the past but it's slow going. I find my concentration isn't what it use to be but hey - it is what it is! I'll keep trudging along and see where it leads me!

Thanks for your comments and visit often! and yes - I think a pain blog is a good thing! We could learn so much from one another regarding coping skills!