Monday, July 23, 2012

Decided on Style Arc Patterns for Autumn SG 6PAC

After a lengthy discussion in Stitchers Guild, I decided on using the Style Arc Patterns for my capsule. Thanks to the members of the group who were so helpful with your tips, comments and advice. Appreciate it! (You're the only ones who read this blog - so thank you!)

The jacket mimics my favorite sweater from last winter. I used pins to hold it together when I wanted a different look. I've ordered shawl pins this year:

I've chosen a knit and stretch woven pant. The funnel neck top is another style favorite from last year. My three favorite turtlenecks are actually funnel necks and this pattern looks exactly like the style. The other top is simply because I liked it! 

According to evjc on Stitcher's Guild,

Here's the "formula" for autumn.

  • Jacket or cardigan in a dark neutral.  The jacket/cardigan is the foundational piece in terms of styling and I recommend starting with this.  Boleros do not go with everything, neither do zipped hoodies, neither do tailored blazers.  In essence, the style of the jacket often sets the style of the collection.  Choose wisely.
  • Bottom in the same dark neutral.  I favour trousers for autumn.  This gives you an "outer column" that is easy to co-ordinate.  In a classic style this is a trouser suit, but it can be much more casual depending on fabric choice.
  • Top in same dark neutral.  See how dull?  This makes an "inner column"
  • Jacket/cardigan in alternative colour.  Here it can be a second neutral or an actual colour.
  • Top in this same alternative colour/neutral.  This makes your "accent set"
  • Print top that contains both colours/neutrals.
Now for the color decision! I'm thinking black because I feel good in it and always have.  For the second color, I'm unsure. I think possibly brown and make the print top in an animal print. Seems easy to me and I have no animal prints in my wardrobe yet - every woman needs one, don't you think?

So - black, brown and animal print. Sounds easy enough to me!

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