Wednesday, July 18, 2012

OMG! I can sew a straight seam!

I can't believe it! I'm sewing a self drafted pattern for a dress (nightgown) for my granddaughter out of that fabric she likes so much! When I say self drafted - I mean that I copied the lines of a dress she has that she loves. It took a few tries to get the bodice workable and I hope it fits when made out of actual fabric. We'll see - either way, it's close enough for pajamas which I sincerely hope is all she wears it for! :)

It was quite the task though. Evidently sleeves in children's garments cover up a world of fitting issues. Since this is the first muslin, the fit will be interesting.

I'm sewing on stretch cotton jersey and it is such a nice fabric and I can even sew a straight stitch. I'm using the slant overedge stitch on my Singer Stylist 7258. Of course, this time I tried the seams out first on a scrap of fabric. It is a very nice stitch and I find if I keep my finger in front of the foot that the fabric doesn't ripple. The machine does all the work and it's a nice stretchy seam which is essential for jersey.

I'm impressed but when I get to the neckline and armholes, will be remain impressed? I have to wait until she gets here tonight to perfect the fit before I do those. I'll update you as soon as I do.

Wish I had my camera! Pictures will be coming sometime, I promise!

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