Friday, July 13, 2012

Blog Renamed to Not Sew Fast and Easy

There's nothing sew fast and easy about this blog, that's for sure! It should be renamed to Not sew fast and easy because nothing about sewing is coming easy these days. I think it's just a learning experience again and I'll get there - eventually! :)

I finished the quilt and gave it to my granddaughter and she loved it - mistakes and all! I'm proud to have actually finished it which isn't an easy task. I KNOW I have batteries for my camera here somewhere but I put them in a place I would SURELY know where to find them. Ha! So much for that idea! :) As soon as I do, I'll post very proud pics - just be gentle on me! Constructive criticism is always welcome however!

My son Will has three girls - Dani who the quilt was for, Daphne and Delaney. They are little fashionistas - and make me smile when they give me their ideas for their next outfits! They were going through my stash and found this hideous but oh, so soft cotton/lycra blend fabric and want dresses out of it!

It photographs so lovely, doesn't it?
 It might photograph lovely but let me assure you, it is not. The repeat is rather large at I would estimate 12". Can you imagine that on little girls? LOL Still, it's what they want and I thought they could always wear the dresses as nightgowns. This fabric is so soft and cuddly - and about 100% stretch too which might be a little difficult to sew on but hey - I'm up for anything at this point. Wish me luck!

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PTK Designs said...

I am so glad she liked her quilt!! I figured she would.

An idea for the dresses the girls want - use either a tank top or a t-shirt and add the "skirt" using the fabric they chose. Easy peasy sewing and they get what they want!

Glad to see you back blogging. I was hoping you were doing OK.