Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Summer Wardrobe Plan

I've been working on a wardrobe plan for summer for a few months without success. As I mentioned in my previous post, my life has drastically changed - and I didn't take that into consideration when planning styles and silhouettes. What would that have to do with wardrobe planning? I was stuck in thinking I had to have business casual clothes - when I no longer need them. Funny how habit takes over your thinking sometimes.

I was looking at Kohl's and JC Penney online for some ideas and came across handkerchief skirts and voilla! A light bulb went off. Rather than my usual suited separates, I soon found quite a few of these cute skirts in my shopping cart. What was I doing - goodness, I could sew those and I would have colors and fit that make the most of what I have.

My intended print and colors.
I'm following the suggestions from Stitcher's Guild - well, almost. I find for me that if I make the jacket in a print that it would go with both outfits. The 6pac rules are that the jacket is the color of the first underlayer and overlayer. I'm not sure that I can participate when changing the colors or not but a quick question would answer that!

I'm not totally done with the plan yet - and knowing me, I'll probably change my mind a time or two before all is said and done.

I found the pattern for the McCall's M6559 dress on the forum today and it reminds me of a dress I had from Talbot's that was my favorite a few years ago. It has since gotten too big so I guess all is not lost but I was happy to find it!

My first column solid color.
I'm thinking of replacing the straight skirt with another longer one. I'm going to wear skirts in the hottest weather this year instead of shorts - so I'll need a few of those but in the meantime, I really love those longer skirts. Straight ones are so easy and fast to make that I don't see a problem.

One problem I do have is fabric. Over 50,000 people in this town and there isn't a fabric store. I'll be buying online and suspect I may accumulate a little stash as I choose fabrics that aren't appropriate for my patterns.

My second column color.
I wish everyone listed weight on the knits other than "lightweight". Without actually having the opportunity to feel the weight and drape of fabric, I can see problems coming.

Also, I'm not as familiar with properties of fabric as I should be. I have no idea how to choose online through pictures rather than by feel. Evidently I'm a "touch" person.

I may lighten up these colors a few shades for summer. Pastel aqua and beige are calling my name right now!

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