Sunday, April 15, 2012

My First Quilt - The Grain and Wrinkle Fiasco!

How discouraging! My perfectly ironed quilt is no longer smooth!
I laid this out on the floor a few days ago to anchor the layers with safety pins and didn't give it a second thought when I folded it and put it on top of the ironing board. My Grandkids were coming and I couldn't leave it on the floor!

I'm not sure that you can see the horrific wrinkles in this image but believe me, they are there! There are so many things that books don't tell you!

Not only do I have the wrinkles to deal with but the fabric was printed off grain. I pulled threads AND tore the edges thinking I could straighten this up. I pulled diagonally on the bias. It was not to be - the LARGE pattern repeat is printed off grain.

So that means there will be no piecing on this. I can't cut the print straight if I want the grainline correct. If I hadn't quit so many projects in the past, I would scrap this. However, I'm determined to finish this quilt for my little granddaughter.

I thought a whole cloth quilt would be the way to go. However, I can't quilt in the traditional fashion because it is off grain and the print of the fabric would make it appear out of square.

Then I was reading the documentation to my new (to me) Husqvarna Platinum Plus. It describes embroidery of single motifs to anchor quilts. VOILLA! An answer! I can embroider single motifs to hold this quilt together without making it appear crooked!

Did I mention that I don't have a walking foot? I think with single motifs it wouldn't be as big of a deal. All the purchases I have made lately and I didn't get the most basic of needs! Geez

Hope you learn from my posts. It's not easy to post failures online. I'm somewhat of a perfectionist but sometimes I settle for "good enough". Especially when I am a beginner and trying to learn - finishing this project now is as important to me as perfection. I promised it and I want to deliver!

Thanks for reading!

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