Monday, April 2, 2012

Bought Cutting Mat and Sewing Books Through Amazon

Have I told you that I'm just getting back into sewing after a long hiatus? I haven't sewn in over 15 years and I had given away most of my notions except for the most basic mending needs.

It's been necessary to replace them before I can start to sew. One of my first purchases was a cutting mat. I bought an Alvin in a 24 x 36" size due to the numerous positive reviews on Amazon. It arrived Saturday and is very sturdy and heavy. The price was affordable too making it a sure winner.

I next received my copy of Vogue Sewing. I must say, I was disappointed. I had read that it is a good basic sewing reference. Perhaps it's because I'm a visual learner but I found the illustrations lacking in detail. It does cover basic knowledge on hundreds of topics but I was looking for more of a "how-to" book versus merely theory. It might be good for a basic beginner but as a how-to reference, it is sorely lacking. I've thought of sending it back but at $20, I thought it worth keeping if only to give to my granddaughter or daughter-in-law who have never sewn.

There are still notions that I need to begin sewing again but I'll have to make a list. One of the first items that come to mind are pattern marking items. That will be my next purchase after reading reviews.

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