Friday, April 27, 2012

I think I'm a sewing machine collector not a sewer!

My new Model 99 Singer
In the space of two months I've collected so many sewing machines that I can't even count at the moment. I would guess five but it may be more. I fell in love with vintage machines and had to have vintage Singers that reminded me of my Moms.

First, I bought a Featherweight. That was somewhat of a fiasco. I was buying what I thought was in excellent shape. It came not as described and without some of the accessories pictured. I'm happy with the machine itself but the case leaves something to be desired. It smells and makes the whole machine smell. I repacked it away with potpourri in it hoping to get rid of the smell. We'll see. Still, I love it and am glad I bought it.

Next, I bought a Singer Model 99 and I love it! It's so pretty, all the decals are intact. It does have pin marks on the - flat part, what is that called again? The wiring going to the motor needs to be replaced because it is crumbling but all in all, I'm happy with it.

I also have bought a vintage Kenmore model 117-812 that I thought was so unusual. It looks kinda like a nightmare of a Singer! :) I had previously bought attachments and have no idea what kind of machine they go to but after doing some research, it appears they will fit this machine. What a deal!

I'm presently bidding on a Singer model 201 and that will be it for purchases of vintage machines for me! I have everyone I think I wanted - no wait. How could I forget? I would like a Red Eye Model 66 or perhaps a Spynx. Did I spell that right? That would be my last purchase!

Maybe a monogramer for my vintage machines would be nice. I bought the vintage buttonholer. Yes, I guess you could say I'm a collector now!

Did I stop there? No. I also bought a Viking Platinum Plus and a Singer 7258. I already had a Euro Pro.

Now if I could just keep all these attachments separated and organized, I will be doing well!

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