Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nothing Sew Fast and Easy About My First Quilt!

See the bottom edge? It's not square.
I doubt if there is anything that's going to be fast and easy on this website although I'll probably find short cuts to things I make eventually. Shortcuts for sewing a quilt? I doubt it! Especially for this quilt newby.

Today I've prewashed my other fabrics and they are hanging to dry - a little! I'm going to iron them while damp to help get the wrinkles out. I'm also going to starch as I go, unlike the first batch of fabrics!

Now that it's almost time to cut and sew, I'm thinking of design. One of the fabrics I bought has flecks of gold in it and at the time I thought it was pretty. I have found now that it doesn't have the softness I wanted. I doubt that Dani would carry it around or want to be covered with it if it's stiff. I think I'll use that piece of fabric for the border and use the pink polka dot for the backing.

As the task of cutting and sewing looms before me, I'm thinking of making a while cloth quilt for her with heart appliques. I'm known for my unfinished projects and I don't want to get discouraged with this one.

On second thought, I think I'll use a little fussy cutting and center the snow white motifs on squares and alternate with white polka dot squares. Pink polka dot backing and the pink swirl/gold fleck for the binding. Maybe ruffled, we'll see! After all, how hard can it be to cut and sew 12" squares?

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