Friday, April 13, 2012

My New Featherweight Purchase!

I've done it! I found a Featherweight that's in pristine condition. I also ordered quilting feet and a buttonholer for it. It's a beauty!

I don't see a mark on her anywhere. I'll have to think of a name for her - most people on the boards and forums have special nicknames. I'll have to think of something unique. She's pretty shiny, isn't she?

Notice the sewing guage on the needle plate! Just what I wanted!

It will be convenient to set up in this small apartment because I don't have my sewing area done yet. I can also take it with me when I'm visiting family. The person who previously owned this used it for quiting class. I might do piecing on it, I'm not sure yet. I'm afraid of ruining the finish on it.

I've heard Carnauba wax is the best for the finish and I'm certainly going to do some research about the care of it. I'm so excited!

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