Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sewing Organization When You Have No Sewing Room - Part 2

I'm beginning to collect a lot of sewing "stuff" and without a dedicated sewing area, it's just stuffed all over the house. Not a good thing for organization, peace of mind or ease of use.

This is the stuff I have to organize. I have a 500-600 sq. ft. apartment that has a kitchinette, living room and a bedroom. Seems I have to repurpose a few things to make it more convenient when I decide to sew. Just think - another two machines on their way!

I had a home office set up in my bedroom that I've since almost dismantled. I have a desk, and two shelving units that I'm going to repurpose. My bedroom is small but until I get other furniture, I'll have to make do with what I have!

I thought of clearing off my long dresser - there are two lamps, my jewelry box and perfume on it right now but it would be the perfect height for a cutting table! It's about 60" long so sounds like the perfect length too.

I thought if I put my desk at right angles to the wall with the shorter shelving unit next to it that it would make a good sewing area. The taller shelving unit would be just a few feet behind it. It currently holds my books but I think I'll only keep the ones I use regularly and pack the rest away to make room for sewing stuff.

Sounds like a plan to me and I'll post pics as soon as I've completed it. It might take a while - so don't expect overnight results! :)
Ironing board with the work in progress quilt
The storage tub that I broke yesterday - just what I need, another storage problem!
Notions and attachments sitting on my breakfast counter.
My Embroidery stuff sitting in a tray on shelves above the breakfast counter.
Cutting mat beside the couch.
Sewing books and extra batting between two chairs.

The Husqvarna Viking Platinum Plus Embroidery Machine currently residing on my desk.

My Singer 7258 and Euro-Pro Sewing machine sitting under the breakfast counter.

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