Monday, December 10, 2012

15-91 Bobbins and Case - Ugh!

How frustrating it can be to attempt to get a 15-91 working! The machine itself is beautiful but it came without bobbins or a case.

I ordered them from Sew Classic but not at the same time. I had bobbins that I thought were a size 15 but they didn't fit on the bobbin winder. Of course, I didn't try them before ordering the case. I just assumed since they were "Singer" they would work. Not so.

When the case came, I tried them and they didn't work. Am I sure it's a 15-91? Yes - it came with the instruction book.

Now I have the bobbins that do work on the winder but there is something wrong with the case or the bobbins. I suspect the case.

When I try to pull thread from it, it only breaks. The bobbins also fit so snugly that it's hard to get them out of the case.

I used Metrosene thread and also tried others I had lying around. I tried to adjust the tension on the case but it still broke. It's almost as if there is a sharp area on the case that the thread gets hung up on and only breaks instead of pulling.

I'm on a budget here - yes, that tight of a budget. So what to do? Any suggestions?

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