Thursday, December 13, 2012

I'm Researching Interfacing - See What I've Found!

Because I last sewed anything about 15 years ago, I've been researching methods, techniques and products. I have a good start on everything I might need but have yet to understand the new interfacings. I Googled interfacings and what comes up? Threads on Stitchers Guild and Pattern Review of course! No wonder I read them so often. Not a day goes by that I'm not trying to learn what I can from them.

As many of you know, I don't have a fabric store locally. I've found it difficult to buy online - evidently I don't know enough about fabric content and weight to make informed decisions. I thought I would research interfacings before buying so I didn't make another needless purchase.

Fashion Sewing Supply and Sew Exciting are evidently one and the same. On the boards, some call it one and others, the other. At first I was confused and thought they were different sources but alas, they are not.

For Knits: Pro-Tricot Deluxe Fusible Interfacing: from their website:
"This is a Professional Grade Tricot knit interfacing used by designers and the finest ready-to-wear clothing manufacturers.  PRO-TRICOT Deluxe FUSIBLE INTERFACING gives flexible support to all weights of knits. Now made with a touch of lycra, it has 50% crosswise stretch and 10% lengthwise stretch. Pro-TricotDeluxe Fusible Interfacing can also be fused to leather. DOES NOT SHRINK!"

Pro-Sheer Elegance For sheer or lightweight woven fabrics, ie: think blouses, buttonholes, etc.:

"Pro-Sheer Elegance is The Ultimate in "Lower Temperature" fusible interfacing!This amazing fusible interfacing is suitable for sheer to lightweight woven Silks, Microfibers, Cotton lawns, Fine Broadcloth,  silky polyesters, and all lightweight woven fabrics
(For Stretchy Knits, choose Pro-Tricot Deluxe Interfacing).
This sheer matte interfacing truly is different. Due to its unique weave and fiber content, it has slight crosswise stretch and is totally stable lengthwise. Pro-Sheer Elegance is made from a combination of Polyester and Rayon  and can be fused at  "low-wool to high wool" settings of your iron.  It does NOT shrink.WASHABLE AFTER FUSING TO FABRIC !
It is the the most amazing interfacing that we have ever experienced!Pro-Sheer Elegance *barely* affects the drape of the fabric,yet will add enough support for stable facings, buttonholes, etc.It is sheer, matte, 60-62" wide...absolutely fabulous!"  
They also offer Pro-Stretch Elastic that you can sew through. I have yet to choose between this and Pamela's Patterns Fantastic Elastic

I'll be ordering after the first of the year. Just maybe I'll order both elastics and see which I like better. Maybe both would be a good choice!

Edited to add: I've never used the "quote" option in Blogger. Seems it doesn't want to "unquote"!

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