Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pattern Choices for SWAP 2013

I'm interested in sewing for SWAP 2013 but the choices are endless. I'm having problems limiting the vast array of patterns and fabrics especially considering that I've gained a few pounds. Five pounds doesn't sound like much but it has certainly changed my shape. I feel like I'm five months pregnant. Time for the Lagenlook?

I'm acutely aware of proportion between styles. How I wish there were abundant coordinating wardrobe patterns where every piece works with the other. Wardrobe patterns are few and far between which makes choosing compatible patterns difficult. I've come to the conclusion that skinny bottoms look better with voluminous tops and vice versa. I'm also considering adding overlayers in the form of vests to partially hide the little pouch I've developed. I've never worn vests but I feel better if I dress in sets of three - bottom, underlayer and overlayer. It's "put together", know what I mean?

Consider this vest which is Vogue 8777:

I especially like the grey one in the bottom right corner!
I have Style Arc's Debra Zebra Top which is a funnel neck top pattern:

I feel better in a funnel neck versus a turtleneck. I also have her Linda stretch pant and the Elle pant patterns. Although the differences are minute, the Elle pant is skinnier and would require a larger top in proportion.

Linda Stretch Pant by Style Arc

Elle Pant by Style Arc

I considered this wardrobe pattern which is McCalls 6658:

The pants are elastic and would be comfortable but the overlayer might make me look even broader. There is a horizontal line that goes across the back and I hesitate to visually emphasize this part of my anatomy.

Perhaps I love the colors as much as I love the pattern! The line drawing:

I wonder if anyone at Pattern Review has sewn it? It would fit my lifestyle now and it's versatile. The pants can be made out of a flannel type fabric but also jersey. I'm not sure I would want flannel but the point is it's suitable for wovens as well as knits.

I doubt I will join the SWAP formally but the requirements I find to be helpful when planning sewing projects. This years suggestion is to sew two what I think of as capsules with a bridging piece that would tie the two together.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

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