Saturday, December 29, 2012

Be Still My Heart! Bernina 330 - I want one!

I've been looking for a new (or new to me) sewing machine for a long time. I've looked mostly on eBay because I thought I wouldn't be able to afford a new one but considering all the money I've spent on machines this past year, I'm rethinking it. Granted, it might take a little longer to save for it but I think I might be better off to buy new.

I bought a second hand Viking and liked it well enough I guess but I wasn't in love with it - if one can be "in love" with a thing vs. a person. It felt hefty enough when I was sewing with it but it just wasn't for me.

I was reading blogs and following their blog lists and came upon LLadybird who treated herself to a Bernina 350PE. How immpressive!

I then went to eBay to check for something similiar. Do you know that some of those are selling used, for more than the MSRP at Bernina dealers new? That was a revelation to me!

I don't have the luxury of visiting dealers in my area - there aren't any. I have read online about Baby Lock and Janome. I'm even tempted at the new Singer One's but I'm hesitant about those. I love the older Singer machines but I already have a Singer Stylist that I'm not satisfied with.

This Bernina is my dream. It might take me a while to save for it but I think I would be happy with it.

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Rachel said...

I want one too!!! This is the machine of my dreams. I have the Activa 210, which I love, but I thought "maybe I'll upgrade this year!" Then I saw the price. Maybe not. ;)