Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bobbins for the 15-91 - I'm Determined!

How long have I been working on this issue? Three days? You do have to admit that I'm determined to get this running. On the other hand, maybe it's just another way to procrastinate actual sewing....

There's something about starting a project and not giving up. I bought this machine in September (I think anyway) and I'd like to finally use it!

Those of you who have read previous posts know that I've had problems with the bobbins or bobbin case. Machine Tech who posts on Stitchers Guild asked me if the metal class 15 bobbins turn freely in the bobbin case. No, they do not. They seem to be too large or are getting caught up on something. I loosened the tension mightily I might add, and it actually sewed for a few inches!

I emailed Jenny from Sew Classic and she offered to send me some plastic bobbins to try. Ummmmm........all the bobbins I have, I might have something that fits!

I tried one and I can actually insert it easily. I did have to adjust the tension screw on the bobbin again and gave it 1/2 turn.

So far, I've sewn about 15" with it. No problem and the stitches are even and appear to be the correct tension. Tomorrow I'm going to sew a seam with it and see how it does. Wish me luck!

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