Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Ann T Top Muslin

I'm determined to use this for my TNT pattern for tee shirts. I haven't sewn garments in a long time and I thought these issues might help someone else that hadn't either!

I haven't tried on this muslin yet but I did hold it up to me. I'm sure it's going to be too tight. I'm going to finish it anyway because I need practice inserting the sleeves and also doing the neckline. I'm going to document the stretch factor of this fabric and all to come. I believe each knit will fit differently depending on the percentage of stretch. I'm hoping to save myself time and trouble with each additional muslin.

I pinned the sleeves into the armhole and you wouldn't think they would fit on first glance. I used the flat method. I remember from sewing in the past that if you put the shoulder seam on the bottom then pin to the markings first, keeping your fingertips in the seam allowance, you can ease in the shoulder area on the sleeve without difficulty. The area to be eased is on top. Lots of pins keeps it in place. On this pattern, it fits beautifully. If only they all were this way!

Feels good - if only my body were shaped differently! I can wear it with a layer over it but definitely will not wear it alone. I still need to finish the hems and topstitch the neckline. I could have sworn I have a stretch double needle but it might have gotten lost in the move.

Well, it's a start and I have had practice doing a neckband and putting in the sleeves.

Pardon the marks on the mirror - time to clean that baby!
Now to critique the fit! The seams are scratchy on the inside, it's too tight and certainly can't be worn without an overlayer. I like the way the neckline fits but the rouched waist isn't for me. It's also about an inch longer in the front center than the back. I definitely don't have the bust to take that up so an alteration is in order. I'll need to add an inch or so to the width also - maybe I'll morph a few patterns together!

At least I'll have completed something once the topstitching and hems are done!

Edited to add:

The top is finished. I turned up the hems on the sleeves and bottom and hemmed it using a straight stitch. I cut off the longer front and it does look better. I looked for my stretch double needles but couldn't find them. Rather than wait to finish this, I simply used a single needle, straight stitch.

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