Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sewing Style Arc's Ann T Top

It's not too bad if I had to only rip out one sleeve, is it? :)

Laying out the fabric so that it was on grain was the hardest part so far. The ribs or stitches are small enough that it was difficult but I could tell that they weren't at right angles to the selvages, does that make sense? I did my best to make sure it was on grain but to be honest, I probably won't know until it's put together and washed. Next time I sew knits, I'll buy a magnifying glass and run a line of hand stitches from end to end.

I laid out the pattern, transferred the markings and cut it out. The fabric has a very subtle sheen on one side and I've found out I need a little more lighting in my sewing area. Because of the way I had to put it on the fabric, I had to be especially careful to keep the right and wrong side of the fabric correct.

I simply put a piece of scotch tape in the seam allowance on the wrong side of each piece before taking the pins out. I also found that it isn't easy marking knits. I've never been good at tailor's tacks and there aren't darts on this pattern. At first I used pins but decided a pen would be better. I did try my quilt pencils but it didn't show up well enough. So in the seam allowances are little markings!

I've sold a few of my sewing machines and the only one I have left is the Singer 7258. I'm not satisfied with the stitches but until I can get another, it will have to do.

I also used the selvage of another piece of fabric that is almost the same color for the shoulder seams. I then sewed between the markings for the elastic on the sides - although I've decided not to use elastic and only sew little gathers. I then sewed on a sleeve - wrong sides together! LOL

First time I've had to rip a seam in a long time but I didn't mind - at least, I'm sewing!

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