Friday, December 28, 2012

My Attempt at Pamela's Magic Pencil Skirt

I've had this fabric that I simply love but I'm afraid it's printed off grain. I thought I would practice pattern placement and also use it to develop the pattern into a TNT. I aligned the print in the fabric but honestly, I'm not sure how it will wash once put together. That will teach me to buy cheap fabric. We'll see! Have you ever wanted to sew so badly that you'd try anything?

I added width to the pattern at center front and back. Easy to do since the pattern is placed on the fold in front and the center back is a straight seam. (I added a back pattern piece to use with this fabric.) Hopefully it's not too much but the fabric is lightweight and I didn't want it clinging to me. In retrospect, perhaps a larger size would have worked better for this knit fabric.

Now for the sewing and fitting!

I sewed the darts and the side seams. I'm not using Pamela's Fantastic Elastic but I had some waistband elastic in my stash. I adjusted it the way she suggested and it feels too loose. Perhaps it's because it's a different kind but I think I'll take 1/2" off the measurement.

I don't have a full length mirror to check if the side seams hang correctly. I'm going to put the mirror I do have on the floor and adjust it then check in the bathroom mirror. Next month, a full length mirror is on my shopping list. How can I fit muslin's without one? We'll see how this works!

This fabric didn't shine when I pressed it. I used a press cloth on the darts and first seam but pressed the fabric directly for the other. No shine! YES!


How can a simple pattern turn into a wadder? Well, let me tell ya!

I could probably rescue this but I have no desire. I shouldn't have added to the center front - ya live and learn. That totally threw off the line of the skirt - the darts are further on the side than they should be. The darts on this pattern are toward the side anyway and when I added to the center front instead of the side seams - well, just not a good thing.

Not only that, but I didn't slightly stretch the fabric as I was sewing. Even pressing didn't get out the puckers. Oh well - it might be a while before I remember everything about sewing. It's fun anyway.

Next time - another muslin using the pattern piece as is but probably morphing two different sizes. Seems I've gained a tummy through the holidays!

Till next time...

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