Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ha! I can finally sew something!

Did you ever have to just sew something?

No matter how I tried to put together pattern and fabric there was always something that I needed. If I had the fabric, I didn't have the right color of thread, no interfacing or elastic. If I had enough fabric for a pattern,  it was too lightweight or not enough stretch. That will teach me to try to buy ahead!

Some of the fabric I wanted to use for muslins but nothing was appropriate. I don't have a large stash built up yet and evidently building a stash might not work for me anyway. I thought if I had fabric here, sewing would be easier but if the fabric was right, there wasn't enough of it.

I've since moved the back piece up a little to make room for the binding.

I finally found a medium brown ponte knit that I can make Style Arc's Ann T Top out of. I don't have enough for a long sleeve but I frequently push them up anyway. This is a muslin to check for fit and also to practice techniques on but long sleeves would be nice. Not bad though for only one yard of fabric!

I pressed the fabric and ironed the pattern pieces but for the life of me, I can't get the creases out of the paper! It's as flat as I can make it and the fabric no longer has wrinkles but it's frustrating.

I used a with nap layout because I read somewhere that knits need it. It makes sense - otherwise the fabric may show shading, etc.

Wish me luck - it's the first garment I've actually sewn in over 15 years!

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