Saturday, September 1, 2012

A new sewing room for me! Yippee! LOL

My messy sewing area now!
This is my sewing area now and it's tight I'll tell ya! It's in my bedroom and I would guess the whole room isn't over 18 feet long. Probably 12 to 14 wide. By the time I get two bookshelves, a queen size bed, a large dresser, a bed side table and a cedar chest - you got it! Not hardly enough room to walk let alone sew! It's better than not having a place at all and I wasn't complaining but still...
I'm just looking at the poor serger LOL. I didn't want to take down the thread holders and I tried to cover it with the original plastic and a doily! I should have tidied up a a bit before snapping this pic but what the heck!
Over the next few months I'll be moving into a two bedroom apartment. It's absolutely lovely and I'm excited about many things but definitely having a sewing room takes the cake!

If I see my grandkids visit often, just maybe I would put a day bed in there - but I'll have to think about that! I'm chuckling - of course I would put one in there for them! They come first after all! On second thought, the couch might be comfortable, you just never know! :)

So, sewing, serging, pressing and cutting. Perhaps someday draping but that won't be until I get a dressform. Then I get to decide on decor! As you can see, right now it's a hodge podge of different colors. Whatever I decide on, I thought I could cover the containers in coordinating fabric, make a chair cover, paint the table and buy another one also then sew machine covers.

I absolutely love Tiffany blue, but also black and pink. More decisions but this will be the most fun!

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