Saturday, September 8, 2012

When, oh when am I going to be able to sew? :)

All I accomplished last week was tracing the Magic Pencil Skirt pattern and placing a few patterns on fabric - not enough in most instances.

The fabric I bought from Fabric Mart for the skirts was too light weight. When I draped it across my body, I didn't like the way it looked. It might be better perhaps with tights or the right undergarments but I don't want to take the chance. Still, each piece is only one yard of fabric and I'm considering using one for a muslin. We'll see.

I'm determined to move within the next month or six weeks. Not a big problem because I live in a small apartment and I've downsized quite a bit. I still have to go through my closet but I don't have too much packing to do other than my sewing paraphernalia! It's going to be so nice to have an actual sewing room! Posts may be a little sporadic until I get settled but it's something I'm really looking forward to.

I saw a Shabby Chic sewing room that I really liked. It was all french and in white and pink. I thought it could satisfy my need for feminine touches in the home and in my garments. Maybe I wouldn't be as likely to sew frivolous pieces. Again - we'll see! :)

I received my bobbin case from Sew Classic - sure was shipped fast. I also bought the marked needle plate. My class 15 bobbins wouldn't fit in the bobbin winder - wonder what's up with that? Could be either I made a mistake and purchased the wrong one or the bobbins are cheaply made. I'll have to do a little research.

Have a great day!

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