Saturday, September 1, 2012

Now what do I do with the fabric I've prewashed?

Style Arc's Marita Knit Dress

I love the lines of this dress and also love the leopard print fabric I bought from Fabric Mart. It's rather heavy but with very good drape and recovery. I thought it would be perfect for winter with black tights and boots. 

It would be nice if I had enough left over for a funnel neck top also from Style Arc. It mimics my favorite top that is made out of a tissue thin jersey with cap sleeves. My neck is short in proportion to the rest of my body and the funnel neck is the perfect alternative to a turtleneck for me. I could pair it with black pants or Pamela's Magic Pencil skirt. I could also sew it into a funnel neck top and their cardi for my own version of a sweater set. Separates would give me more options in my wardrobe but again, would that be too much leopard for me? 

I have camel crepe and stone colored gabardine that I was going to make into a skirt and pants respectively. With a black cardi, that would give me quite a few options with the items already in my wardrobe. 

A burnout fabric I bought from Fabric Mart that  would need a lining
I could make the Marita Knit Dress out of this black and white burnout also from Fabric Mart. It's beautiful fabric but I'm not sure that's what I'd like to do with it. I'd have to line the dress or wear a slip with it. The fabric would also be pretty being made into a top and cardi.

Did I mention that I've done quite a bit of shopping from Style Arc? Even considering the shipping costs, I felt it was worth it for the quality of the drafting, paper and styles. If I could, I would order more. Perhaps next month!

I'm still looking for one more overlayer pattern and am undecided. I like Silhouette Patterns but I would have to reduce the hips about 3" on each pattern. I'm not sure I'm up to that but considering the multi-size patterns it might not be too difficult. Have any of you done that? I'm not pear shaped, I'm more of a rectangle although if I keep eating, I may end up an apple.

Regardless, as soon as I finish my chores, I'm going to start either on a skirt or pants pattern. Might be better to start with the skirt! :)

Have a good day!

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