Thursday, September 13, 2012

Decisions, decisions, decisions on decor for the sewing room!

I've given this a lot of thought and was considering using Tiffany blue and brown but finally decided on pale pink, white, french graphics, and lace.

This is as close to the color as I can find.
Do I think I might get tired of it - perhaps but I think like everything else, it will be a work in progress. I might add a little black here and there for punch.

I'm going to paint the furniture white and add graphics from the Graphics Fairy DIY blog. She has a lot of french graphics to put on table tops and linens. I also have some vintage napkins and doilies made out of Battenburg lace.

My living room is going to be green with touches of another color - perhaps natural in muslin, cotton and linen. On the green, I have no choice - it's the color of the carpet. It's not a bright nor dark green but more of a sage plaid or diamond - there are two different types in the apartments and I'm not sure which I'll get. Time will tell.

I'm also going to finish other pieces in white paint and french graphics. I'm considering using chalk paint but I don't know enough about it at the moment to make that decision. More research is in order first.

I thought I would have touches of french graphics everywhere. I've been collecting free printables for different areas of the house. Now that I'll have a garage to work or paint in, it should be fun to redo my house.

Have a great day!

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