Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My 15-91 Rewired! Geez, I love this machine!

That didn't take long, did it? The light and the motor works. The guy that fixed it said the motor might be a little weak. I can't try to sew with it because I don't have a bobbin yet.

The cheapest place I've found is at Sew Classic for bobbins, the bobbin holder and many more things I want from there.

I cleaned it while it was apart although I didn't find much dust and dirt. You can see the old wires lying here.

There is a small area of crackling on the inner side where the badge is.

The the way, did you see the  badge? I can only think this is a true centennial. I'm sure it's not as important as on a Featherweight but it's pretty neat to me!

Looks like I better clean this up a bit huh? I just think the color is fantastic too. I'd like to get a monogrammer for it, does anyone know if they made them for this model?

Another cool thing is the Simanco name stamped on the foot.

Can you tell I just love this machine? :)

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