Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pamela's Magic Pencil Skirt - Post 2 - tracing the pattern

I have always used the Big 4 patterns when sewing before. It was before the popularity of the internet and the ease of access to Independent pattern makers. Now that I'm using indy patterns, I need to trace the patterns instead of cutting on the tissue. I don't want to ruin the original pattern. I've never done it before and thought others might also benefit from how I did it. If you know of a better way, please leave comments and I'll change my method!

I have a cardboard mat that I bought at Walmarts for cutting patterns out on. I also used my Styling design ruler and as you can see, the curve fits the hip curve perfectly. It was necessary to trace the lines and adjust the ruler along the way but it was much easier than trying to freehand those curves.

I love the hip curve on this pattern. No wonder it's such a popular pattern. I can see myself making many of these in different colors and fabrics. The pattern is made for knit fabrics and will be much easier to fit because of this I believe.

I used a pen with blue ink but next time, I'm going to use a permanent marker I believe. The pen had a tendency to smear and I didn't care for that but I didn't think of it before I started. I also used Reynold's Freezer Paper. It's cheap and comes in a big roll. The two sides are different and if you write on the paper side, the wax side stay's put fairly well. I can see where that would be helpful when laying out your pattern.

As you can see, I used straight pins to secure the pattern paper to the mat. I could have used tape but I didn't want to mar the original pattern. I used eight pins placing them at each corner and along the sides.

I then laid the Reynold's Freezer paper over it and you can see the lines through it fairly well. Pamela's Patterns are darkly marked and if they weren't perhaps there would be a little difficulty tracing them the way I did it here because the freezer paper is somewhat thick.

You can see where I forgot the second line of the waist tracing. I had to go back and repin the pieces and trace it. I thought it came out pretty good.

As you can see along the bottom edge of the skirt, this is the only area that I had to true up. As I've said, I've never done this before and when I was moving the ruler to trace the hip curve, I didn't line the ruler up exactly. It was a fairly easy fix and not bad for my first try.

Next will be laying out the fabric and fitting the skirt and I can't wait. I'm going to my son's for a cookout today otherwise, I would be on this immediately! 

Have a great day!

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